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Marketecture is a new way to get smart about technology. Our team of real industry practitioners helps you understand the complex world of technology and make better vendor decisions through in-depth interviews with CEOs and product leaders at dozens of platforms. We are launching with extensive coverage of the marketing and advertising verticals with plans to expand into many other technology sectors.

Each Marketecture video interview (or podcast) is hosted by an industry expert who can ask the right questions, get to the bottom of the vendor’s pitch, and help you figure out if that vendor is right for your business. All before taking a meeting. That’s how we help you Get Smart. Fast.

Marketecture was born from the experience of Ari Paparo, a seasoned technology executive who successfully sold his last company. On the one hand, start-ups like his are shaken down by so-called “review” websites that ask for tens of thousands of dollars to present the company in the best light – hardly the objectivity the end customer needs. On the other hand, start-ups fight to be included in the annual reports published by high-end consultancies with inconsistent and erratic views that are disconnected from what’s happening on the ground.

Marketecture is built for you, the buyer. Our goal is to help buyers learn about technology in an unbiased, clear, and well-informed format. Marketecture content should teach you something you didn’t know, and leave you better informed to make a vendor decision.

If you’re interested in getting involved, as an expert, a vendor, or something else, please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

We hope you’ll become a member and let us know what you think.

Watch Zach and Ari talk about why they created Marketecture
Watch Ari and Zach talk about why they built Marketecture >>>>

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