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Frequently Asked Questions

Marketecture is a new kind of vendor review platform. We utilize the expertise of real industry practitioners to help you understand the complex world of technology and help you make better vendor decisions. We are launching with extensive coverage of the marketing and advertising verticals but expect to expand into many other technology sectors.

Marketecture interviews give you in-depth insights into vendors you may want to do business with. By utilizing industry experts to conduct the interviews, we get to the bottom of the key issues surrounding each vendor’s offering. For a low annual subscription price you can save enormous amounts of time for you and your teams.

No, Marketecture is never pay-to-play. The Marketecture experts prioritize vendors that they think are interesting for interviews. Marketecture may, in some cases, make money from advertising or other products offered to the interviewed vendors but we do not tie these activities to the editorial coverage in any way.

Yes. Each of our in-depth vendor interviews is also available in a shorter free version. You can access all of this free content by registering and choosing the free subscription tier.

Yes. Each of our in-depth vendor interviews is also available in a PDF transcript.

We have trained a ChatGPT-like AI on hundreds of hours of transcripts so subscribers can ask direct questions of our experts.